Gabriel Arthur Petrie (eyenot) wrote in 211,
Gabriel Arthur Petrie


cptmichelle is the maintainer, now. i would have added dmd and jimindustrial but it's a good idea to only have 1 maintainer at a time, and she's already spokesmodel, so...
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Thanks for considering me
I was wonderin' why I was added then removed as maintainer...but no biggie..I'll play the role if asked or not do it if not :> (cracks a cold one)
Hmmm...her journal no longer exists..looks like we'll be needin' other maintainers and/or spokesmodels...
that's terrible that her journal isn't there any more. i think somebody should contact the livejournal administration and see about somebody in the community getting maintainer status, because since i removed myself i can't do anything to change any part of the community. and i don't feel like doing the work. so if anybody's interested, just contact the lj admins and point them to this entry and remind them as the original owner i would just prefer that you are the maintainer. or the community could hold a vote; maybe a maintainer or someone else could set up a poll and see a week later who has the most votes. cheers.
I read up on the topic...and it was suggested a new community be made rather than tryin' to install a new maintainer to this one. The LJ Abuse team -could- do such a transfer but isn't really likely to and would take time to do so...and I'd rather keep it rollin'.

I'd like to make the "new" 211 community...and would like to keep the imagery and quotes from this one to use there...but figured I would ask you 1st as I believe they are yours,no?

It will be credited to you unless you say otherwise and the "new" community will also link back to this one for easy acces to the older posts...
if you contact the lj admin team, will they be willing to reinstate me as the original maintainer? if so, then let's do that, and then i can do something towards selecting new maintaner(s).
worth a shot...I'll get the ball rollin' :>
It's been awhile. If I was maintainer I'd just set you up with the maintainer privilege. Maybe if you show the lj support this comment they'll just hook you up (after all it's still my email address on the userinfo).